Protection of Galvanized Plate
Water intrusion after soaking the galvanized plates in roll and storing or occurring the humidity because of environment conditions will cause zinc compounds called as “white rust” creating the galvanic battery between two plates. This circumstance is the most important factor to shorten the galvanized plate life, causing to slim the zinc covering and wear off.

Measures to be prevented the white rust;

• Goods must not soak definitely during shipping. (Transportations, not being covered with canvas, are not given shipping permission in our factory.)

• Galvanized plates must be preserved definitely in closed stores, protected from rain, water and humidity.
(If necessary, it must be covered with watertight covering, not restraining the air circulation)

• Galvanized plates must be put on wedge and plates, not being humidity on ground and must not be contacted with ground.

• Over temperature differences are not be in storages (max.10°C)

• Air circulation must be in storages and relative humidity must not be over 70 %.

• Goods in stock must be handled every other month and if necessary their surfaces must be wipe

• Roof and facing covering should be made according to flooring shape given the pictures, provided to give the required aspect which will provide current.